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How Beautiful Heat Works

Radiant heating is one of the oldest forms of heating homes. The Romans were quick to recognize radiant heat's natural advantages and used radiant systems extensively. Those same natural advantages have made radiant systems the preferred heating method in Europe today.

Radiant heating has endured because it's based on an elegantly simple idea. A radiant system spreads heat throughout your home using a network of tubes in floors, walls and baseboards. Warm water flows through the tubes, creating an environment so idyllic it has to be experienced to be believed.

Radiant heating uses the natural heat-retention properties of water.

Water is a natural heat storage medium, able to hold almost 3,500 times more heat than air. Once a radiant system heats the water to your ideal temperature, it’ll lose very little heat as it flows throughout your home.

With a radiant system, you’ll never have to super-heat the water just to ensure it’s still warm by the time it gets to the far corners of the house. Which means a radiant system needs less energy to maintain the perfect temperature as it sends beautiful heat all around your home.

Instead of forcing hot air into a cold space, radiant systems let nature
do the work.

Heat naturally radiates towards colder surfaces. A radiant system is brilliantly engineered to take advantage of this process and to bring uniform, even heat to every corner of every room. That's why radiant heating doesn't need to blow hot air through intrusive ducts and vents. As long as warm water is circulating throughout your home, nature can take it from there. Scientists call this idea thermodynamics. We think "Beautiful Heat" says it better.

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